Sought + Found Rentals

If you already have an account setup you can go directly to the rental portal by clicking the "Portal Link" button

If you do not have an account setup, you can request access to the rental portal by clicking the "Request Access" button

Overview of Our Business

We have a warehouse full of high-quality, luxury home furnishings that are available for rent to local property stagers, event planners, interior designers, and film/video production teams.

Our inventory includes everything you need to furnish a vacant home or film set. We carry many styles of Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom furniture, as well as floor/table lamps, artwork, rugs, and accessories.

We have a wide selection of outdoor furnishings, too!

Each item is available for daily, weekly, or monthly projects.

PLEASE NOTE: We only work with verifiable businesses and trade professionals.

Our warehouse is also available on for rent as a location for film/tv/commercial projects. Click here to find out more.

Where Do I Start?

In order to gain access to the customer portal, you will need to submit a simple form with your basic business information filled in. Once submitted, we will contact you to confirm any necessary details and setup your account (no charge for the account). You will receive an email with your login information and instructions for how to use the portal.

Once you log in, you can change your password and update your profile.

What Is the Portal?

The portal provides you realtime access to our inventory. You can create your own set of jobs and put together quotes for your clients. Nothing is reserved for you until you actually place the order and pay for you can setup as many quotes/jobs as you like.

Remember that you may have to select other items if some/all of your items in the quote are no longer available when you are ready to order/pay.

What About Pricing/Terms?

Each item in the portal provides pricing (daily/weekly/monthly), at least one picture of the item, and the item dimensions (Height/Depth/Width).

You specify the exact day(s) you need the item and the system automatically calculates the cost based on the date range you provide.

The system will give you the best price based on your date range selected. If you select a daily rate and you specify 3 days for the rental period, the system will automatically charge the weekly rate, since that will be less expensive than 3 daily rates. Same thing happens if you select weekly rate and specify a 3 week period - you will be charged the monthly rate since that is less expensive than 3 weekly rates.

You still only have the items scheduled for the dates specified, the rates change so that you essentially get a discount for the extra days/weeks over 2 selected.

Do You Offer Delivery/Setup?

We do offer delivery/pickup, and there is a fee for that service. Delivery/Setup fees are not a profit center for us (we rent a truck and use subcontractors); this is provided as a benefit for those who do not have another option available.

If something needs to be assembled on-site (typically a bed headboard/frame), the delivery team will assemble that item where you request it to be placed.

The delivery team will place the item(s) where you want them, but minor shifts/centering will be your responsibility. Rooms must be clear to allow for rugs to be rolled out.

All upholstered goods and rugs will arrive shrink-wrapped. Shrink wrap will be removed and disposed of by the delivery team.


Order Size is determined as 30 days or less - If your order is 30+ days, we still determine the delivery/pickup fee based on the per month value.

Order Size $1,000 (or less) = Delivery/Pickup Fee is $115/hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Order Size $1,000 - $2,499 = Delivery/Pickup Fee is $100/hour (2 Hour Minimum)

Order Size $2,500+ = Free 3 Hr Delivery/Pickup within 30 miles of warehouse - $90/hour beyond 30 miles ($90/hour beyond 3 hour free window)

DELIVERY PRICING NOTE: These prices are for normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). We are happy to accommodate the delivery of items when you need them if it will be after our normal delivery schedule or weekends/holidays - reach out and let's discuss.

You always have the option to arrange pickup of the items at our warehouse. Reach out to us to schedule the pickup.

PICK-UP/NO DELIVERY NOTICE: We do not charge a fee for you to pickup your order, but we are also not able to help you load the items into the vehicle(s) and you need to supply your own protective blankets, dollies, equipment. So you will need to make sure you have enough people to help you with the loading. We reserve the right to not allow you to load items if you do not have the proper protective items (moving blankets at minimum) available to ensure the items are transported carefully/safely.

Our office phone is 770-485-4959.

Neutral Tones

Introducing color through accessories and pillows helps to keep a room light and bright

Modern Vibe

We also carry more contemporary styles of furnishings for rent

Warm Woods

Using medium-tone natural wood adds a sophisticated, yet casual feel to the room