Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We really try to keep things easy...we simply expect the items you rent to come back to us in the same condition we turned them over to you.

Our basic policy is that all of our inventory is not meant to be placed in an occupied setting - whether it is one person and no pets, or a family of 5 and 3 cats. We can absolutely accommodate a set designer, property stager, or event planner that will use the items for an event or for short-term accommodations.

The rules are fairly easy (more details provided in the document attached to this page):

RULE #1 Any item returned damaged will be your responsibility to make right. We will handle the corrective measures, whether it's a cleaning

of the item or minor repair or, in the event it cannot be repaired (or does not make sense to spend the money to repair), we will charge you

the replacement cost. We will always try to clean it ourselves first ($50 per piece to be cleaned), but if it requires a professional cleaning we

will bill you actual cost + 20%. We will not handle payments through your client; you are our client and the one responsible for any

damages. You will always receive copies of the receipts for your tax purposes.

RULE #2 If any of our items are stolen/missing, you are responsible for the replacement cost. We are happy to work with you and your client's

insurance provider to make sure things get identified/valued correctly - but we are not able to wait for insurance coverage to reimburse

the landlord/homeowner and wait for them to send us a check. Similar to RULE #1 where something is damaged or soiled, you are our

client, not the landlord/homeowner.

RULE #3 If we are delivering items to your project, we will pick up from the same location. If you move the items to another location, you are taking

a risk that items will get damaged if not properly protected and professionally handled. It is up to you to tell us if anything is moved during

the rental period. We bill for the pickup service starting from when the truck arrives at the location and ends when we have fully unloaded

everything at our warehouse in Marietta.

RULE #4 If there are any special requirements for delivering to a location (i.e., gated entry, condo loading dock, appointment required, security

deposit required, Certificate of Insurance, et al), you need to coordinate that with us prior to the delivery. We need to know those things ahead

of time to help make the delivery/pickup go smoothly. If we are unable to make the delivery due to conditions outside of our control, you

will still be billed for the effort, even if we have to take things back to the warehouse.

You can access the FAQs document below. The information in the FAQs document is subject to change as different scenarios or questions come up over time. And the fees covered in the FAQs may be modified, if necessary.

It is not our intent to have furniture repair/replacement as a profit center for us...we would much rather things just come back to us in the same condition they left our warehouse. In the event something does happen, we will always keep in contact with you to come up with the most cost-effective solution.


The quick answer is yes, we would be happy to send you a price for selling selected items (or all items) that you rented for the project. If the price is agreeable, we will send an electronic invoice to the person who is interested in buying the item(s). If no payment is made prior to the arranged date of the pickup (or delivery back to our warehouse), we will plan to pick up the item(s) and bring them back to our warehouse.

Most of the time we get asked that question, though, and the people asking are thinking that the item(s) would be sold at "yard sale" pricing. Which, naturally, is not the case. We will absolutely work a deal based on how long we have had the item(s) and what it will cost to replace it/them. We would not look to charge retail price, but it is also not "doing us a favor" by "taking it off our hands and we don't have to move it back to the warehouse" (we've heard that a few times...).

Each item is a piece of our revenue stream and impacts our revenue if it is no longer available. Plus with all the supply issues now due to the effects of the pandemic, we might not be able to replace the item(s) in a timely manner (if at all). So the pricing we provide will reflect these variables...we are not looking to gouge anyone, but we are also not going to let a sofa go for $20.

ALTERNATE OPTION: If someone really loves a piece or set of items, we can also see if those items are still available through our vendors. If so, we can provide pricing for brand new items - again, we would not look to charge full retail price, but the buyer may be more agreeable to getting something new (rather than slightly used).