Location Rental

Our showroom/warehouse space is available for rent exclusively through Giggster.com. This is obviously not an empty space and we do run our business from this location - so there are parameters around how we can help setup the space as well as access it during the week - but we are certain we can make it work for everyone involved.

The link for our listing is: Renting Our Warehouse on Giggster

You will need to request information about our space and rates through the link on Giggster. If you call us or send us an email requesting that information, we will simply point you to the listing link.

The photos presented on this page provide a view of what the space looks like and the contents we have available for your production sets or temporary accommodations for talent you have in town for your project.

If it turns out that you are looking for other spaces to rent for your project, check out the listings on Giggster.com. If you end up finding a location in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, please keep us in mind for your set or accommodation furniture/furnishing needs.